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Are you feeling embarrassed or challenged about your OVI and its accompanying requirements? Let Wellness Driver Intervention Program support you while you fulfill your obligation. The Wellness Driver Intervention Program is designed to help you understand the role of alcohol and other mood altering chemicals in your life and in choosing to drink and drive. Our hope is that once you have completed the program – if and when you elect to drink or use other substances – you will choose, in advance, not to drive.

The Wellness Driver Intervention Program is a 72-hour state certified program that runs from 6:00pm Thursday to 6:00pm Sunday. All meals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are included. We provide multiple convenient program sites at quality hotels throughout central Ohio, and offer the weekly program in at least one location every month. Private accommodations are included in the cost of the program; however, for a slightly reduced fee, you may elect to share a room with another participant.

Food for our programs provided by Carfagna's Catering

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