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"I was thinking the worst about coming here this weekend, but I’m honestly glad that I did. I never expected to gain so much information in such a short amount of time. The staff and speakers were amazing!"


"There’s not a whole lot you can improve on! I believe the approach was great and we were treated with respect and dignity. Thanks so much for an unforgettable weekend and I wish you the best!"


About Wellness DIP

Are you feeling embarrassed or challenged about your OVI and its accompanying requirements? Let us support you while you fulfill your obligation. Wellness Driver Intervention Program is designed to help you understand the role that alcohol and other mood altering substances play in your life and how it affects your ability to make good choices. Our hope is that, once you have completed our program, you will choose, in advance, not to drive impaired.

Wellness Driver Intervention Program is a 72-hour state certified program that runs from 6:00pm Thursday to 6:00pm Sunday. All meals on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are included. We provide a quality hotel in central Ohio and offer the programs every month. Private accommodations are included in the cost of the program; however, for a slightly reduced fee, you may elect to share a room with another participant.

"When I called, I explained to the director of the program that I was nervous about coming in. He told me I would feel better once I left the program and he was absolutely correct. Wellness does a great job and I’d like to thank the friendly staff."


"I can’t thank the staff enough. I encourage anyone who needs a class like this to go through Wellness!"


"Food was great, speakers were great, counselors seem to genuinely care about you and don’t treat you like a number."