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Rules and Regulations

1.   You are required to attend all scheduled activities (classes, counseling sessions, meals, etc.) on time, and you must wear your name tag at all times.

2.   No cell phones, laptops, radios, magazines, newspapers, or other literature is permitted during lectures.

3.   You are to stay in the residential area of the hotel at all times unless you have received permission to do otherwise. Should you leave the premises at any time without DIP staff permission, you could be discharged from the program.

4.   You are not allowed to have visitors while attending the program. However, you may have items brought to you during the program. These items will be left at the main hotel desk and a DIP staff member will search the item(s) and deliver them to you.

5.   The Wellness Driver Intervention Program has been rated for insurance based on an assessment by our agent with only the primary client and staff covered for liability purposes. Family members are not covered under any circumstance.

Our clients are mostly referred to us by attorneys and courts in exchange for three days in jail. All of our policies are based on this premise and approved by the Ohio Department of mental health and addiction services which is firm against allowing family members to be in attendance, in any way, with the primary client. We adhere to these standards with no exception to the rule.

6.   If you bring prescription/and or over-the-counter medication with you, it needs to be in its original container and the label must be clearly legible. Bring only enough medication to last you for three (3) days.

7.   No mood altering substances are permitted on the premises unless prescribed by a physician. You will be permitted access to your medication, as prescribed, during the program.

8.   Gambling is NOT permitted.

9.   You will not be allowed to have anyone visit you during the program. This is due to federal confidentiality laws. Violation of this rule will result in discharge.

10.   The TVs in the rooms are for the regular cable channels only. No pay-as-you-go or DVD rentals will be allowed.

11.   No-one is allowed in anyone else’s room. Anyone caught violating this rule may be discharged from the program.

12.   No weapons or articles that could be used as weapons (sharp objects) are allowed. The DIP staff will confiscate anything that they deem as dangerous and notify the proper authorities, if necessary. The items will be returned to you at the end of the program.

13.   You must complete the entire 72-hour driver intervention program. If you must leave the premises for any reason, you will have to return at a future date and complete the entire program from beginning to end. This is due to state regulations. You will be held responsible for paying for the time you spent in the initial program until your leave time. You will forfeit any payment.

14.   If the DIP staff informs you that you are being disruptive, you will be given ONE warning. A second warning may result in your being discharged from the program.

15.   The DIP staff reserves the right to reject any person deemed unsuitable or unable to participate for medical or similar reasons. Anyone who is in violation of any written or verbal rules may be dismissed. Rejection and dismissal may be reported to the referring agency (court, company, etc.)

Contact us if you have any questions about our rules and regulations or legal information.